Your PhD studies are financially supported by the MCIP program and UCLA. 

The salary (stipend) for the 2020-2021 academic year is $34,000. Including tuition and benefits, the total support package is ~$51,487.

The total support package is provided by a combination of sources, and the sources change year-to-year. During the first year, students receive their stipend, tuition (including non-resident tuition if applicable), and fees from the gateway Graduate Programs in Bioscience (GPB) as they perform laboratory rotations with MCIP faculty. The GPB contributes a declining fraction of the total support package over time, made up by support from the mentor’s research grants, or from scholarships, fellowships, or NIH training grants. The outcome is the same: your stipend, tuition, and fees are covered for five years.

During years 2 and 3 in the program, each student will serve as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate course as part of their academic training.

In addition, each student is awarded $1,000 from the Graduate Division to present their work at academic conferences. A comprehensive document from the UCLA Graduate Division detailing student support and fellowships may be found here.